"go back" jumps to the top of the last screen


Am madly in love with Glide Pages vs Apps, especially the custom collections and containers! Yet, there are still a few kinks that could use some resolving.

  1. When going back from a detail view to a list view (or any screen), it goes back to the top of the screen, rather than where you were up to previously in the list. This is a big issue when reviewing lots of data
  2. A bit of a lag in Glide pages vs Apps on my Android device. Loom Recording
  3. When using the inline screen and exiting the screen- and then using the default 'go back" gesture on mobile, it gets stuck in bit of a confusing loop. Screen recording

Great work team! Can’t wait to see how Glide Pages + Big Tables transforms our workflows!

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@tristan Some feedback here.

@Eden can you record this part in a Loom video?

@ThinhDinh @tristan
Here’s a loom
Screen Recording

The lag with Glide pages has been frustrating with users on mobile.

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Notice the ‘breadcrumbs’ component briefly appears at 0:04s, when going back-

This issue appears consistently in my experience with Glide pages on mobile, both iOS and Android.

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