"go back" jumps to the top of the last screen


Am madly in love with Glide Pages vs Apps, especially the custom collections and containers! Yet, there are still a few kinks that could use some resolving.

  1. When going back from a detail view to a list view (or any screen), it goes back to the top of the screen, rather than where you were up to previously in the list. This is a big issue when reviewing lots of data
  2. A bit of a lag in Glide pages vs Apps on my Android device. Loom Recording
  3. When using the inline screen and exiting the screen- and then using the default 'go back" gesture on mobile, it gets stuck in bit of a confusing loop. Screen recording

Great work team! Can’t wait to see how Glide Pages + Big Tables transforms our workflows!

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@tristan Some feedback here.

@Eden can you record this part in a Loom video?

@ThinhDinh @tristan
Here’s a loom
Screen Recording

The lag with Glide pages has been frustrating with users on mobile.

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Notice the ‘breadcrumbs’ component briefly appears at 0:04s, when going back-

This issue appears consistently in my experience with Glide pages on mobile, both iOS and Android.

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@tristan any thoughts on this topic? The lag on Android makes pages frustrating to use.

I’ve also observed that the lag might be even more significant on apps which have lots of images.

I have a temporary solution for you. If you make your new Target Screen open as an Overlay vs Current, when you close the overlay or go back, it will keep you where you previously were.

I did notice though that even if I am using Dark Theme, the top of the Overlay is white.

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Thank you @Joe_Gabriele!

Seems like Glide resolved this issue :slight_smile: all of these issues actually no longer appear.

Thank you Glide Team for being so quick, aware and shipping such awesome products! @david

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Although, “go back” still jumps to the top of the screen.