Allow "go back" action to return to same screen position

Not so much a bug as it is a preference for UI behaviour. :wink:

But yes, I brought this up with the dev team last week.

It’s more complicated than you’d expect. Dynamic screen components, variable load times, bringing a user back to the exact scroll point, etc.

We want to change the behaviour, and we’re looking into it, but it’s not a quick fix.


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Waiting for the best results about it

I’ve also been struggling with this for so long!!! The user experience searching on my app is pretty poor when clicking through so many options.

I was told to upgrade to the new app to resolve the issue bc I kept reporting it in classic apps but nevertheless - same issue. I understand it’s complicated, so I’m just bumping this need!!! Waiting almost a year I think :melting_face: :crossed_fingers:t4:

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When returning from the detailed view to the list view in Collection, if the issue is that it goes back to the top of the screen instead of the previous position in the list, you can resolve this problem by configuring the action in the Actions tab of the Collection element under ITEM CLICK.

Set the CONFIGURE ACTION to “Show new screen,” and for Data, choose “This item.” Set the NAVIGATION Target to “Overlay.” This will ensure that when you click on an item in the list, it shows a new screen as an overlay, maintaining the position in the list when you go back from the detailed view.


@NoCodeAndy any update on this? We’re deploying an app which is essentially a product catalog.

Imagine going from item to item, but literally scrolling down 50 items just to see the next one- only for you to have no idea where you were up to…

Both on desktop and mobile.

If you use an overlay or slide in to display the item details, that should help retain where you are in a collection.


Yeah, but it’s not ideal -
Not always an option to the design the UX in that way. In my current scenario it isn’t.

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I honestly don’t understand why this isn’t being addressed. This is a real problem…

Imagine the culminative amount of work a person going thru lists of items has to do to constantly scroll up and down a list just to see the next thing not knowing where they’re up to.

There’s no good excuse why this isn’t working and the team suggesting to use an overlay because it will take time to address this issue, is just…

I mean jeez- the primary component of every glide application is the lists component. And the primary screen people utilize is actually a proper screen. Does Uber do a pop-up screen for primary use cases? Does Amazon? Does instacart?

@NoCodeAndy PLEASE

@Eden – I get where you’re coming from.

Here’s the gist of it:

The existing behavior works as intended by taking you back to the previous screen.

It could be enhanced by marking your scroll position in the collection, and returning to that position when you click back from a collect detail view. I agree that it would make for better UX!

But, as others have said, opening the detail screen in an overlay or slide-in achieves that.

So, while the team knows this could be improved, it’s not a priority.

That’s fair @NoCodeAndy, but let’s look at from the perspective of what Glide is and who are its users?

If the objective is to serve what a typical Glide user needs, then the collection object is not working as intended, unless the intentions are flawed- which is the last thing I would say when it comes to the Glide UX team.

Now, why would this object not achieve the needs of the typical Glide user?

Because Glide users don’t build websites and glide users don’t care about people navigating between screens. Glide users care about helping people getting work done intuitively and efficiently.

The current behavior does not help people getting work done, it achieves the opposite (imagine going thru your Asana tasks and constantly scrolling back down the screen without much of an idea you were up to seconds ago)

Hence why, it is not achieving its objective. Unless the objective of the collection component is undefined.

I’m annoyed at Steve jobs being adamant about not including a touch screen on the MacBook, but it made sense to some degree.

This doesn’t…
and this not being a priority is just not right.

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Current (unwanted) behavior:

Collection (with many records) → Details screen (not overlay/sidebar) → Go back → jumps to the top of the screen.

It needs to return to same position on original screen.

If I have a list of 500+ records and I scroll halfway (which can take several seconds), click a record, and then navigate back, I don’t want to have to take the time to scroll back to where I was before clicking on subsequent records.

Please fix!


How is this NOT on the list of top UI ‘distractions’? Been an issue since day one of the new Glide.

Absolutely a thorn in the rose of the Glide UI. (too much? :slight_smile: )

Throw some Petitto-elbows around! :ice_hockey:


I think what would help is a full screen overlay, so the underlying list remains untouched while the overlay is open and filling the entire screen. Only problem is that there’s existing bugs with the back button that have never been fixed either, so the UX is less than stellar when trying to use overlays.


Also overlays will not allow for deep linking url’s
which is not acceptable in many scenarios.

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Can you explain this? If you mean a deeplink can not open an overlay, I don’t think that’s the case.

That’s what I meant, if that’s not the case then that’s awesome

Yeah I just tested it, you can definitely do it. Glide adds some parts to your URL for that to happen.