Glide Web pages - printing

I’m just having a play with Web.pages and I think they are great. It allows an interface between mobile app for data collection and processing in-office. You can set-up pages in a way that allow for specific interaction with the incoming information. The example in the video is an office approval for an on-site sale.
The question I have is how you can print the data for say - A report.
Say a specific item needs to be taken further up, then someone else needs to review, you have to send link or screenshot.
The only way I can see this being done is by using the back-end Google sheets or cutting/pasting (I couldn’t do that in the browser, even with textify (app for selecting non-selectable text)).
I’ve been away from Glideapps for a while and there have been some great strides in what is being done.
I also wonder about the Glide Tables and being able to get that data out for making reports (I haven’t explored that yet).
initial thoughts are that I’d use Web.pages with Google Sheets back end as that would give me a lot more options of being able to do extra things with the data - eg Print it out or make a report.

I am able to use the browser Printer tool (see image) but a print tool within the web page may be a nicer solution, especially if you are setting up pages for others to use in a specified manner.
Great added feature, well done Glide,
kind regards
Max Drake

As long as you find a way to structure your data, I think you can come up with a PDFMonkey template and pass the data through an Integromat/Zapier scenario so it can generate the PDF in PDFMonkey and send the resulting file to the destination email.