Glide testing issue

Hey Glide community, I’m new to Glide and I’m experiencing an issue. I built my app on my laptop, but when I published and tested it on my iPhone, the screen looked different from what I designed on my laptop. I’ve attached two screenshots for reference. Does anyone have any idea why the app isn’t updating correctly? Thanks in advance for your help!

Can you tell us more about those two buttons that are missing in the published version?

What actions do they have attached to them?
Are the actions conditional on anything?
Are there any visibility conditions on them?

Also, the builder screen shot shows that you are viewing as a specific user. Are you signed in as that same user when viewing on your phone?

My guess would be that the problem is something to do with Row Owners, but I’d need to understand more about how those buttons are configured to say that with any certainty.

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