Glide SLOWED down to a stop

The builder has been nearly unusable since noon (PST). Is anyone else experiencing slowness or the spinning wheel of death?

I have restarted the TAB and will restart Chrome after I send this. Basically unusable for DEV but the app works on my phone.

This example/image has been going on for 4-5 minutes. Components not loading in the Builder but work fine in the APP.



Same thing (super slow/spinning wheels) in Safari. Shut it down

Has this been solved on your side? Does it happen for only one app or multiple?

Happening again right now (7:30 am PST)

Spinning wheel of death…

Restarting the session

Great question - no it doesn’t seem to happen on previous versions of my app.

The major thing I added (two days ago) was to add ‘hints’ to display when a component is empty.

I may ‘comment’ them out and see if the ‘spinning’ ends

Let us know how it goes. If it keeps happening, best to submit a support ticket.

I think it is a weird cache thing within the builder. The app running on an iPhone is never effected, just the builder. I took your advice and when it happens I switch back and forth between apps (really different versions of the one app) and it ‘seems’ to clear up after a few switches. I also tried switching tabs and switch “View As” to no avail but exiting and entering the app within the builder seemed to work…eventually.

The only REALLY weird thing was when I switched from Chrome to Safari I still got the spinning of death.

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