Glide Sheet "Default Value"

In my glide sheet I have successfully made options in the database for “Status Choice” and the two options have been successfully listed as “Completed” and “Pending”. I repeated the same process in the database for “Priority Choice” and I listed “High” and “Low” as the choices. Only “High” is appearing as a choice and instead of “Low” the default/other choice is the “-” symbol? How do I fix this so that the correct choice “Low” appears instead of the “-” symbol?

“-” will show as an option if you haven’t set the Required checkbox.

As for ‘Low’ not showing…do you have any filters on the choice component? Can you show some screenshots of your you choices table and how you have the choice component configured?


How is the choice component configured? What do the setting for that component look like? What do the filters look like for that component?

How it looks now. How do I get rid of the “-” bar?

You need to make your choice component required.