Glide pricing

Is there $12.00/month pricing available ?
With this plan, can I restrict users accessing records using mail id ?
I will have less than 10000 records.

Yes, this is the Basic Plan. It’s not mentioned in the pricing page on the Glide Website, but you’ll see it as an option when you upgrade your app.

By this, do you mean restricting who can log into your app, or restricting what they can see after they’ve logged in?

  • If the former, you’ll need the ‘Limit access by email’ feature, which is only available with Private Pro Plans
  • If the latter, then the recommended way to do this is with Row Owners. Row owners are available with any plan, paid or free.

Note that the Basic Plan is restricted to 5000 rows, so if you have more than that you’ll need a Pro plan.


Yes, Row owners will work for me.

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