Glide Pages vs Stacker

Hi all,

Anyone has any experience in comparing if Glide has the ability to create Interal Tools or Apps for us in internal company processes? By that I mean this that Stacker has like:

a. components like Pipeline to show different steps of an approval process
b. create many Views of the same Table with different filters
c. ability to display a related list of linked records, and open each record in this list and edit them within this page

From initial exploration, Glide seems to have the remainder to make it a an interesting alternative. Anyone with suggestion or advise, thnks in advnace.


I’m not sure what that is (never used Stacker). Glide doesn’t have any native component/tool for managing workflows, but it’s easy enough to create your own. For example, I’ve built internal tools for managing things like leave and expense claim approvals, which require workflows.

Not in the same sense as database views, but yes you can have separate independent views of the same data.


Probably worth mentioning that Glide have stated on several occasions that their primary target market is “Apps for work”, so it’s probably safe to assume that a fair chunk of new features and capabilities that they develop will be geared towards this.

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