Glide Pages: Sign-in options and Access Request

I have an issue… or few :slight_smile:

  1. how to allow visitors to request access? It doesn’t work when i try to set it in the table, because it link me to the settings with no possibilities to change.
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  2. is there a way to allow “external” users/visitors to sign-in to my page? Not only users/people in my team? Is there a some subscription plan or something? My idea is - to have a page and allow people to sign-in easily and to create database of users not only from inviting or manually adding.
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Thanks for advance for helping me :slight_smile:

It’s a bit frustrating because the privacy settings are different depending on if you are on the old pricing or the new pricing…including free apps and pages. I wish these settings were more consistent.

I think the problem is that you are using an old team folder with the old pricing structure. If you create a new team folder and transfer your project to that new team, then you should be able to set your settings the way you want.


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