Glide pages > Refreshing

  • Glide pages app.
  • Public access, log in required.
  1. After entering PIN, screen loads.
  2. I fill in a field (name).
  3. Page refreshes (see video)

Result is that a record gets created in the datasource for this user with their name and then a second record gets created using the rest of the data that was entered.

This has been happening a lot in this app, in some cases the form takes a long time to load.
Note: No filtering or anything is being done.

The data source is an Excel sheet.
Data sync mode is set to normal.

Can’t demo to client as this registration page was working fine previously when using Glide Tables but no longer works correctly when using Excel (which is their preference as data is in their environment).

That’s weird. If you haven’t, please submit this to the support team.

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