Glide Pages - Protect some Pages

I am trying to create a Property Directory which should have some Public Pages (Home, Properties, Contacts etc.) and some Private Pages (CRM), currently having one User only.

I have been reading the Security Guide and some Community Entries but have still not found the right solution.

When using this settings with the Property Manager Template Users still can see all Pages and add to and edit certain Tables:

Would it be better to create 2 Pages, one Public and one Private?

I noticed that there are some Tab Settings:


Is this only for Showing/Hiding on the Menu?

Given your current Security Settings (Public → Optional → Users in users table), the simplest approach would be to use Tab Visibility on your Private Pages. The setting would be “where Users->email is Signed in user”. This would make these tabs only available to users that have actually signed in. As you have restricted sign-in, this would give you full control over who can see your Private Pages.

It should be noted that the underlying data would still be downloaded to all users devices. If that’s a problem, then you should look into Row Owners.

No, when you use this option to hide a tab, that tab is no longer available in your App. It will be as if it doesn’t exist. Hiding tabs in this way is commonly used when you have WIP features being built that shouldn’t be made available to your users yet.

The lock icon next to the User Profile doesn’t actually do anything, it’s just a visual indicator.

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Hi Darren,

Many thanks for the quick reply, got it working OK!

I understand that for a Single User this approach should be suffice since it prevents downloading of any data of not opened Tabs, right? I tried to insert an URL of an hidden Tab and it always redirects to the Home Page. Will study Row Owners for Multiple Users.

I need also to hide some Tabs when the User is actually logged in and after some tests I believe that this should be working OK:

Show tab when Role is Admin for Private Users (Showing Private Tabs)


Show tab when Role is empty also for Private Users (Hiding Public Pages).

Is it possible to remove the Sign In button from the Tab Menu and sign in differently?

Should’t the Sign Up Button be hidden since we do not allow Sign-Ups anyhow?

yep, that sounds fine.

No, I don’t believe so.

Yes, it should.
This I believe is a bug that I reported a few months ago.
cc @tristan :point_up:

Should this be Users → email is not empty?

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Actually yes, you’re right :+1:

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Strange that this is still not solved after a year or so, just published an app and the client is not happy at all with the Sign Up possibility of unknown users.

All the best to all for 2024!

hey @MGA

Actually, when you select Optional sign-in, still gives the user a option to sign in.

Eg the image below, the Login/Sign in option shows in mobile after clicking in the menu

And in desktop, at the bottom or in the side menu (depending the app style)

But when unauthorized users attempt to sign in, do they see an error?

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