Tabs Not Visible in Live Site - Only Builder

Hello, I’ve set up my user table and added a tab visibility for admins only. I can see the tab in the back end/builder but I cannot see the tab in the live site. Please help if you can!

Does the site HAVE to be public with email in order to see that tab?
Can I make the whole site public and that tab ALONE pass protected?

What are your privacy settings now? Can you show how the tab visibility is configured and what value is shown in the user table for the signed in user?

Jeff, You are a rockstar + Thank you for always such a quick reply.

It’s just occurring to me that the best option for me is to use a sign in option for those admins in the user table. Otherwise (if there is no option for a literal/traditional password protected page) then I would not be able to make the page public with no email/sign in. I would have to make all visitors sign in for the app to know who is able to see/not see specific tabs.

You can choose Optional sign in and even make it Private sign in based on the user table. The app will still be public, but anyone in your user table can sign in. For users that are signed in, your tab visibility can check for the Admin flag in their user profile row and make that one tab visible only to admins. Other than that, the rest of the app would still be available to visitors not signed in.