Glide Pages: How to make new tab My Page with data of a Freelancer where he can add new Services


I have 2 tables Freelancers and Services.
I made new tab called My page where I want Freelancer to add new Service.

As I understand data source for this tab should be row of this Freelancer, but it always first row of Freelancer table. Is it possible to change data row or make it work another way?

P.S. The reason why I do this, because when I add new Service from User Profile Screen it sometimes stuck on page of Service. Breadcrumbs looks like “Profile > Service” and you can’t go back to Profile. Something strange happens.

Have you applied any filters to your tab? You can filter it by signed in user, so it will connect to the correct row of the the signed in user.

Thank you, Jeff! It works now.

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