Glide Pages - Drop Down Menu

Hi dear Gliders,

I’d like to create drop down sub menus on Glide pages. Is there any feature for doing that? Or does it use a special CSS?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Bungchow_DigiLearn ,

Can you explain what you mean? Which menu are you referring to?

Hi @DarrenHumphries,

Can we create drop-down menus like an image above on Glide Pages?

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If you mean, can we recreate this inside a Pages app then no, not that I know of. However, you can use a “small overlay” to get something similar. You would have a button that opens a new view and set it to be a small overlay. Again, not exactly the same but you can get close.


ok, noted. thx again @DarrenHumphries!

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I’m really enjoying Glide, but I do have to say its surprising that in what appears to be a something like a web page building (i.e Glide"pages") system, one can’t naturally create one of the oldest features in the book - a drop down menu.