Glide pages data grid is glitching out!

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Describe the bug:
Glide pages data grid is glitching out. On the Table Tab, edit any of the category columns, or sometimes with other columns, it works a couple of times and then for no reason the screen goes totally blank, have to refresh the app and wait till it all loads again.

Expected behavior:
I just want to be able to edit the data grid/table without it glitching.

How to replicate:
Use the dynamic search up top to choose an event.
The card will show up on the right at the top. This card is for the last row of your selection.
Click the duplicate button to duplicate the card that is displayed. A row will be added to the bottom of the grid.
Then play around with that duplicated row (please don’t delete existing content if possible)
The problem usually occurs when you edit or delete the category column 1-3 but it sometimes also occurs when editing or deleting cells in the other columns.