Glide page hierarchy and structure

Hello, fellow Gliders.

I have a live Glide App that is a curated list of events.

I want to build a peripheral Glide Page that allows various event administrators to enter or update their events. I am using google sheets as my data source.

  • There will be unique administrators identified by unique email addresses (sheet = Listing Admins)
  • Each administrator will have multiple Events. (sheet = Event Details)
  • Each event will cover multiple dates. (sheet = Calendar)

For example:

  • Listing Admin Bob Jones is the admin for the Anytown Spring Carnival and Anytown Christmas Market. One admin to many events.
  • The Anytown Spring Carnival is Saturday, April 2, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday, April 3, 10:00 am t0 4:00 pm. One event to many dates.

I’m struggling with the structure of my Glide Pages. I understand the concept that all Pages are a Details Screen rather than the Layout Types in Glide Apps. But, I’m struggling with if I should build with just individual components, form containers, or something else.

The experience I want to create is:

  1. Enter admin contact info–name, email, phone
  2. Enter first event’s details
  3. Enter a start date and time, end date and time, click “add another date,” and repeat for all dates.
  4. Then click “add another event” to repeat new event details and dates.

I should end up with:

  • Login Admin sheet has one new row for Bob Jones.
  • Event Details sheet has two new rows. 1) Spring Carnival and 2) Christmas Market.
  • Calendar sheet has four new rows. 1) Spring Carnival April 2; 2) Spring Carnival, April 3; 3) Christmas Market, December 10: and 4) Christmas Market December 11.

Your advice or suggestion of a specific template is greatly appreciated.