Glide Page Email pin took 5 minutes to come


New to Pages. The email pin took 5 minutes to come. Its this normal?

It’s not normal, but there are factors outside of the control of Glide that could cause delivery to be delayed.

Was this a one off, or has it been happening consistently?

I think I have a user reported the same from MS 365 email

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it was the whole of yesterday… but its ok now.

There is a new problem now… which is glide isn’t syncing to airtable since about 12 hours ago

looks like it aint resolving… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Any updates from the team?

A video screen shot of the problem can be found here:
[Operations Job Scheduler · Glide]

someone please help…

@Wayne_Xu if you have a new topic, make a new thread please.