Glide Page designs

Hello Guys,

I am looking for some nice UI and designs of Glide Pages anyone has created till date. I am building a glide page for my client and I am not really good at design.

Please share links if anyone know any nice designs.


Hey Pratik, in Glide Templates we have some really good Pages with really nice designs too, you can take a look there and see if you find some interesting for you.

Obs: Pages has some limitations yet about design and customization.

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Thank you @Lucas_Pires Yes I was looking at those, found few nice designs. Thanks

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You’re welcome!

Depending of what you wanna do, Pages has still some limitations as I said, but the native design is still good too


That is true. Actually, I am creating Glide Page for the first time. Just wanted to see something to get idea on how to structure it in better way. Thanks

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I’ve been using Pages for some projects and really like it but am certainly looking forward to more design options as well. A desktop-sized app shouldn’t be as bare as mobile, imo. But it’s still quite good. I created a CRM with Pages and am really liking it. Even better is that is still renders very nicely on mobile, so good for both.


could you share a movie for us?