Glide not working?

Is glide down?

Updates have stopped working. No longer connected to Google Sheet. Tried to refresh the sheet with reload button in Glide but it just keeps spinning and spinning.

Actually seemed glitch out earlier, quota button momentarily changed from Pro App to Upgrade then back to pro app.

I am well within my quota


Reload button doesn’t work. Gives me an error message every time.

What error do you see? Oh Sheet?

The reload button just keeps spinning and spinning

We will check. It is possible the reload server is very busy or google is throttling things a bit right now.

Got an error. “Oh Sheet”

Can you give me the appID?

Where can one observe the appID?

A link to your app is enough

Can you help me understand what is happening here? Afraid I’m about to lose a lot of work.

Can you check if you Gsheets has synced yet?

Not getting any error anymore but the app is still not updating Google Sheet

Could you load your the builder and the Google sheets in a incognito tab?

Seem to be back on track. Thanks a million. What just happened there? Do I still need to use incognito? Is there a way to back up the app?

You may have to clear your cookies. It seems that your app got cached in the previous stated and did not show any updates.

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