Glide new table features and tab component

Hi Gliders,

Does anyone know if the Glide new table is the final version of the component? I vaguely remember seeing a video made by Glide showcasing these features being available using some sort of new list component:

  • Multi-select and multi-action
  • Dropdown menu
  • Star rating
  • Slider
  • Editable cells

I also think there was some talk about a possible new tab or layout component being released early in 2024?

Anyone has updates on this?

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As far as I know it’s still being worked on and Glide is still ironing out a few bugs.

As far as I know this hasn’t been released yet.

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It’s not even the official first version, let alone the final (if such a thing even exists).
I’m sure we can expect to see many more improvements as the year progresses.

I’ve seen murmurings about this, but nothing specific.


Moreover, I’ve noticed positive changes to Data Grid table so they are definitely changing stuff every week.

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From experience I thought the data grid component needed work, what recent improvements did you notice?

•	Dropdown list
•	Progress bar

And edit the label to fetch columns from the data in the user table.

There is dropdown list and progress bar in the data grid component now?

I think that’s meant to be what he/she wants, not the list that is available.

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It still hasn’t worked right, but choice is now possible.

Tag is now also possible.

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