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Since the audio player stops playing when iPhone locks (around 50% of mobile devices in the USA are iPhone!), and it prevents us, creators to then include audio files or even soundcloud URLs, to create awesome apps for podcasts, radio stations, etc. Wouldn’t it make sense for the Glide team to create their own media player that will work on iPhone as well somehow? Is it possible to do?

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I think this is more of an Apple limitation, not sure Glide can make it work, if yes that’s brilliant. Sort of the same case for notifications.

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Maybe it requires a special media component and not using the generic one? Maybe allow us to upload audio and convert them to videos? Right now I’m going through the process of converting all my audio (hundreds of them) to videos, so that I can upload them to vimeo. All so silly and a total waste of my time.

This is unfortunately an Apple limitation that was mysteriously imposed a couple iOS version back. It’s a Safari limitation and the scores of folks frustrated that they’ve lost the ability to listen to podcasts through Safari have been met with silence for over a year. So it has the sense of being deliberate… to slow PWA growth and encourage native apps. I believe some devs have been successful using weird workarounds like audio sprites, but I don’t think any current methods are solid. And Apple could suddenly bring it back without warning.

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