Enhanced Audio Component - just hear me out :)

Hi all,

After using Glide for the past few months, I really only have one thing that I personally would like to enhance: the audio component. I know there are some playback limitations depending on device (iOS/Android), so I’m not even going to go there. However, I’m wondering if there are other things that can be done to the audio component that might not require Apple to loosen its grip on app development. I think the following would not only be beneficial for those making and sharing music, but also for podcasters. Anyways, let me know if my request is silly and ridiculous :slight_smile:

About my app:
My app is built around the ability to showcase and play new music produced by artists. My library consists of over 4,100 mp3 files that users can easily search and stream.

User feedback:
Users absolutely love the ability to build personalized playlists via the “Favorites” component. With a library as large as mine, they really like the ability to pare down a massive list to a few dozen songs for quick access to favorite tracks. That said, almost every user has written me asking if there’s a way for continuous playback, meaning if they are playing “Track 1” and tap on “Back” to their favorites, the music will not stop. Also, if “Track 1” finishes, “Track 2” will automatically start playing.

My audio wish list:
1. Track after track playback - I realize this might be difficult to do in the “All” tab of a library, but maybe it’s more manageable in a “Favorites” list? Unless paused or stopped by the user, Track 2 will immediately play after Track 1 finishes.
2. Continuous playback while in the app - I know iOS will stop playing music as soon as you exit the app (Android continues to play in the background), but users would LOVE to be able to stream music in the background while browsing within the app.
3. Toggle between songs - The ability to skip and go back through tracks.

Would I pay for enhanced capability?
Absolutely - no questions asked. In fact, I was thinking what if Glide made “Premium Components” much like plugins for WordPress? For example: Glide offers the same components they do now, but also offer $10 or $20 “Premium Components” with enhanced features to add to our toolboxes.

What would this enhanced feature look like?
I’m no designer, but I attempted to make a few mockups of the audio component within an individual song and what continuous playback could look like to users while browsing within the app (bottom banner above tabs).


This would be a huge game changer to the audio component. Hope the glide team pushes this through

So is the audio component going to be upgraded soon? It would be a great feature to have continuous playback on audio files for musicians trying to build a platform. OP has an amazing idea and I would love to implement it.

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