Anything better than the audio component?

Has anybody figured out a good workaround for the audio component?

The audio component is so bad. It’s the weakest feature in Glide IMO. With so much content being produced – especially music and podcasts – you’d think a better audio player would be in the works, but I haven’t seen any significant audio component updates since joining Glide in early 2020. So I’m asking the community if anyone has figured out a better way to listen to and share audio clips with your app users. Let me know!


Just wondering do you have some examples of what you consider “good” audio components? I do yoga everyday and I love my app’s “audio interface”.

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Can you share your app with me? I’d like to take a look.

A handful of these look better: 13 CSS Music Players

I guess the big gripes with the current audio component are:

  1. no continuous playback (lock screen stopping audio – booo iOS)
  2. really small buttons
  3. no ability to skip to next audio track
  4. no ability to play from a playlist (favorites)
  5. no ability to browse without stopping track (tablet mode bypasses this but not available on phones)

Glide’s platform is amazing, but with artists wanting to generate content and use Glide to share their work, these are extremely limiting roadblocks.


I totally agree. But, I’m pretty new. However, if someone can loop me in on the solution, if there is one, that would be great.

Did you reply to the wrong thread?

Thanks for sharing Wyatt, this is pretty great.

I use the Daily Yoga app: and here’s their meditation audio player.

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How to use this? add the code in the Richtext component of Glide?
Sorry, I’m just a newbie. Thanks.

Do you have a visualized example of what you are looking for?