Glide Loop Action

Is it possible to loop Glide actions until a certain criteria is met?

Not at this time. All actions in Glide are one off actions and are triggered manually. Glide does not yet have cron based actions or looping actions.

A looping action would be really nice though. I can see that working in the action editor. For example adding X amount of new rows to the app.


What do you want to archieve?

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Yes exactly. I need to run a calculation, add a row with the results, and then use that rows data to add the create the next row x amount of times. Do you know if this is on the horizon for glide functionality?

I’ve heard no chatter regarding this functionality.

you can create a time delay column… and disable elements for a specific duration of time


to create a repeating action until criteria’s are met you have to use google triggered scripts

A service like Integromat will handle this type of scenario quite easily IF you are using Google Sheets.

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