Glide Lms creator site down

Is anyone else facing an issue accessing the glide lms creator site,

Am having a load failed error. Screenshot


I can load it, but it says I don’t have access to that app. Is this an app from the Glide team?

Yeah, it’s part of the new Glide University/LMS. It’s where the creators manage their content - courses/lessons/etc.

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Yes, as @Darren_Murphy says its the university platform to put glide courses.

I want to participate in the glide challenge to submit a tutorial, the prizes are tantalizing :grin:
@ThinhDinh One has to first sign up to the lms to have a profile then to log in.

The guidelines [Here] (Community Challenge: Create a Glide University course 🎓)

So is it loading for you now?

If not, try loading in a different browser or connect to a different network.

Thanks @Darren_Murphy
Checked with a different browser, The platform hasn’t load yet,
Its probably my network then. Will move to another place and test again if I can log in,

Probably a network/location-specific issue since I’m loading it normally here.

Arc Browser (Chromium) on MacOS.