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I’m building a smart home appliance that uses a Particle WiFi MCU as the connection to the cloud. They have their own REST API so I don’t need the app to connect by Bluetooth or anything. I just need to be able to make calls to their REST API based on different buttons in the app being pressed or at different times of day. At the beginning when they are first setting up the appliance, we need to use a special tool made by Particle called their Photon Setup Library. They have a version for Android and iOS. This allows the customer to temporarily connect the WiFi of their smart phone to the WiFi network being broadcast by the Particle chip. Then the Particle chip can be programmed and connected to the Particle cloud through their home WiFi. After that, the smart home appliance is connected to the customer’s home WiFi and all interactions with the product will go through the mobile app to the Particle REST API and to the appliance. I wanted to ask if all of this is possible with Glide and if there is a way to incorporate the Photon Setup Library into a Glide app.

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P.S. Here is the description of the Photon Setup Library from their website:

The Particle Photon Setup library is meant for integrating the initial setup process of Particle Photon family devices (Photon, P0, P1) in your app. This library will enable you to easily invoke a standalone setup wizard UI for setting up internet-connected products powered by a Particle device (Photon, P0, P1). The setup UI can be easily customized by a customization proxy class, that includes: look & feel, colors, texts and fonts as well as custom brand logos and custom instructional video for your product. There are good defaults in place if you don’t set these properties, but you can override the look and feel as needed to suit the rest of your app.

The wireless setup process for the Photon uses very different underlying technology from the Core. Where the Core used TI SmartConfig, the Photon uses what we call “soft AP” — i.e.: the Photon advertises a Wi-Fi network, you join that network from your mobile app to exchange credentials, and then the Photon connects using the Wi-Fi credentials you supplied.

With the Photon Setup library, you make one simple call from your app, for example when the user hits a “Setup my device” button, and a whole series of screens then guide the user through the setup process. When the process finishes, the app user is back on the screen where she hit the “setup my device” button, and your code has been passed an instance of the device she just setup and claimed. iOS Photon Setup Library is implemented as an open-source Cocoapod static library and also as Carthage dynamic framework dependancy.

As another follow-up question, could the Glide app also display sensor values that are received from smart appliance such as temperature and humidity? These would be return values in the REST API calls.


Hola @sandalias

I think you can use Glide for what you want to.

I made something very similar with my IIoT demo, take a look at it here: Glide with IoT, IIoT (Industrial IoT) and Domotic applications


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I don’t think that you can integrate a third party library into glide.

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I agree!

The problem here is that we must use GS as intermediary between Glide and your devices. Glide needs to read data from GS to be shown on APP, there is no direct link so far to get this until Glide’s API column is finished completely.

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