Glide for Booking Services with Ecommerce

Hello I would like to know if Glide is ideal for booking services with ecommerce payment - client would be able to choose the services they are interested in, provide details of their project, have a shopping cart of the services booked with calculated prices, checkout and payment.
How would you suggest building such a project ?

Would there only be one vendor within the app (single-vendor eCommerce) or would the customer be able to select a vendor of their choosing before booking services (marketplace)?

Multiple Vendors - It would be a two sided marketplace

Glide is not a good fit for that if you were hoping that the customers would pay the clients directly unless payments were handled outside of the app.

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I would integrate with stripe for payments

BTW - Robert - Awesome Videos on Glide :slightly_smiling_face:

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Much appreciated!!!

I’m currently working on such an app. It’s for service providers such as barbers, music lesson teachers, babysitters, car detailing etc all within a specific community. It’ll having scaling issues but will be fine to work for at least a few thousand users, I think/hope.

I’m planning to do payments with Stripe Connect, like you also said, but I haven’t built that in yet. Scheduling wasn’t the easiest but I have that mostly working well now.

Here’s a preview of what I have so far:

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