Glide Builder is available in mobile!

Not sure on how many folks here are aware of this…

We can access the Glide Builder from the Chrome Browser of Android (by ticking the ‘Desktop site’ from the Browser settings).

(I don’t know about iOS though)

I do most of my app fix/development on my mobile (especially while traveling). It’s also useful if we want to do a quick “reload sheet”.
The Google Sheets mobile app also helps me in accessing the backend data easily from my phone.

We are not aware of this :rofl:

Would you mind posting a screenshot?


Here we go! This is the screenshot from my mobile phone. All the functionalities work!

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Hey @B_Y. Would you mind letting me know what the make and model of your phone is?

You can also do this on iOS 13. It works okay, but this is totally unsupported at the moment!

@JackVaughan Google Pixel 2 - Android 10

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I’m doing this since iOS 12 using Chrome app and calling Desktop Site in the functions. :metal:t2:

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