Websites with google sheets

Interesting, might be possible to manage the 2 platforms at the same time


Think it’s a bit limited at the moment but would definitely bookmark this to check again in the future. Thanks for sharing Sandro, have a nice week!

@Sandro_Brito: Thanks for sharing.
I tried making a website however the site only converts one sheet/tab to a webpage. Would wait until they add more features and templates.

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Great find, thanks for sharing.

This is really promising and one of the best sheet to site solutions I’ve seen. Very impressive backend but lacks a few features right now.

One to keep an eye on.


I tried it but I am having a hard time

I can see the potential here. @glide You should develop something similar. Response time is pretty impressive as well.

There is the desktop/tablet mode in glide, which I imagine would be similar.


Similar to what @Jeff_Hager

Similar to what you can do with spreadsimple as a desktop site.

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@Jeff_Hager How do you edit the tablet version of the Glide App? I know there is an option to make your site a web version but I do not see where to edit the web version.

There is no separate editing for the tablet version. It just reconfigures the mobile view for desktop view. If you activate the desktop/tablet version checkbox, then you have the option to view the desktop version when viewing the published app url.

Also take a look at MyQuickSite and Awesome Tables