Glide auto-logging me out


All morning as I go about my business, I return to the Glide development tool and find I have been logged out.

Why is this happening? It used to keep me logged in.

If you don’t clear your browser’s cache and/or browsing history I can’t think of a reason.

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Thanks. I am doing nothing. The browser is even being left open, though minimized.

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Have tried now on three different computers. I thought it might be a cookie problem…

I am logged in with Google, not by email, but that’s how I’ve always logged in.

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hmm, this happened to me this morning.
I generally have about 4-6 separate builder tabs open, and I never close them. I think this is the first time I can recall ever being logged out.


Sometimes happens to me also. But not always!

Just a guess :upside_down_face:

By any chance do you have enabled this option in the Account settings?


Thank you

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I am not seeing that in my account settings.

I only see this (the ability to log out other computers/sessions)

Dilon was referring to your Glide Account settings, accessed via the 3 dots at the bottom left in the builder:


David what Darren mentioned!

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Yes, wow. It was checked, but I didn’t check it! How?

Thanks for solving my problem. It was a big pain!



Mysterious! May I call for Famous Five Team or Scooby-Doo Team to find this? :sweat_smile: Just Kidding! :facepunch:

Maybe a issue in Glide side or a mistake? Happy that your problem solved David!

Good Luck!

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