Glide as a Saas **Monetize**

Hey fellow Gliders, first time here :wink:

Can I ask… is it possible to run Glide Pro as a Sass model, whereby one can have multiple users pulling their own set of data. I have a cool and sniffy kickstarter thats needs a lightweight MVP fast and Glide looks promising.

It can do that if you require login and use the filter by row by signed-in user under the Features tab of the Layout.

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Grats @George_B, so just to clarify on the above, I could* add a user to docs > filter out a user by signed-in > user only sees their data… rinse and repeat?

Yes you would add that filter option to every tabsheet that you only wanted the logged in user to see only those rows that have their logged-in users email as one of the columns. In other words, all data that you want only the “owner” of that data to see would need to store that users email as one of the pieces of data in that row.

Thanks @George_B :beer::beers::beer: