Glide App URL Name Taken?

I registered a Glide app name for a specific app, and now it’s saying that I had never published it, and now someone else has grabbed it up. Is there any way that you can retrieve who registered the name first to see if it was me?

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Was it a free app that hadn’t been used for awhile? I think I recall something where unused free app will unpublish after 6 months, or something like that.


Oh no, seriously? If I had known that I would have added more. I do believe I had added some things in there though…that stinks.

Yeah…this happened to me several times. :unamused:


Yeah, I think they just want to prevent url squatting if it’s not an actively used app. It doesn’t delete the app, but just unpublishes it to free up the url. There were a handful of posts in the past where several free apps were inadvertently unpublished because the algorithm was set to be a little too aggressive. That issue was fixed. Now it’s only if that app is unused and it shouldn’t affect any apps under a paid plan.


Kind of stinks because I had a really good one. I had entered in a few headers, meaning to take a look at it later, but I guess time got away from me. Really wish I could have it back, as whoever has it now is using it for something totally unrelated for what it should be used for.