Glide API & | "Get all Rows" to update one row?

Hey everyone, in using Glide’s API. Anytime I’m needing to find a record I’m finding myself needing “Get all Rows” then filtering the rows to my specific row I’m needing to up. Can I update a specific row with “Set Columns” by querying the table somehow?

Seems inefficient the way I’m doing it.



You should be able to update a single row by using the “set column” api. You need to define the row-ID in your JSON object.

Perhaps you could add some logic in the data editor to drill down the correct row-ID and then send that row-ID in the webhook to make.

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As Eric explains, the key here is the rowID in a set column API action. I think the main question here is how you initiate that scenario. Is it from Glide, or from somewhere else?