Updating Glide Table from External Web App via Zapier, Row ID Challenge

I’m currently encountering an issue while using Zapier to update a Glide table from another web app through a webhook. The challenge arises when attempting to locate the row in the Glide table, as my other app lacks the Row ID required for the Zapier step to find and update the specific row. I’m seeking alternative solutions for this problem.

Do you have access to Business/Enterprise plans? I think if you can do a search through a Query action, you might be able to do it.

Yes, i do have Business plan. Can you please explain more about the query action? Thanks in advance.

I usually do that process in Make, not Zapier, but here’s the general idea:

  • Use a query call (see Get Row in the link below) to query all rows.
  • Use a map function in Make to “lookup” the rowID using a condition.
  • Use the rowID to perform the “update” through the Glide API again.

If your table is a Glide Big Table, you can combine the first two steps using a SQL query.

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