Zapier add row to glide table

I’m attempting to insert multiple rows into a Glide table based on certain conditions. Due to the lack of multiple condition checks in Glide actions, I opted for Zapier and utilized the paths option. However, I’m encountering an error when trying to add rows to the Glide table, and it seems to be requesting a Row ID, which I don’t have the option to provide. Can you assist me with this issue?

Some questions for you here:

1/What do the “rowIDs” variable contain in your case?
2/It seems like you’re trying to insert multiple rows at once. Does Zapier handle an iterator where you can iterate through an array and add multiple rows?

I’m more familiar with, what I would do in this case in Make is to use a text aggregator to construct mutations based on what I need, and a HTTP module to send a batch of calls to the Glide API.


I am having the exact same issue. Definitely interested in the solution.

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  1. There is no rowID in this case, as i am trying to create a new row from Zapier.
  2. I am not trying to insert multiple row, this zap step will only create a single row.

So what info are you getting from Glide and do you have any “rowIDs” variable in your Zapier configuration?

Not to hijack the question, but there is a RowID variable in my example.
Zap’s Purpose: New “Room” row creates a new “Line Item” Row (which is linked to the “Room”).

I’m Having the same issue, any ideas on this?

Same problem here

I was able to do it.
By using Webhook, find the screenshot for the reference.

Watch this youtube video for more details:

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