Glide API breaks column

Describe the bug:
When making a http-request in which sets a column value to this:

[customer_tax_location_invalid] Automatic tax calculation in Checkout requires a valid address on the Customer. Add a valid address to the Customer or set either customer_update[address] to ‘auto’ or customer_update[shipping] to ‘auto’ to save the address entered in Checkout to the Customer. Reference: Error codes | Stripe Documentation

then Glide’s API fails to write to this column during all future http-requests even after changing the text.

I assume it has to do with the special characters in stripe’s error message.

create new column

That’s weird. What HTTP response do you get from future requests?

thanks to @Darren_Murphy I realized that stripe caused the problem by returning a multiline string. I just needed a substring, but this thread offers other solutions too:

edit: @ThinhDinh : The http request module returned “Status code: 200” (=success), which made it hard to debug.

You can actually avoid this problem if you use the Create JSON module in Make, and then use the output of that in the HTTP module when you make the API call to Glide. Using the Create JSON module will ensure that you always have a valid JSON structure.

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