Glide Agencies - unlimited Pro preview apps for clients


I want to build pro apps for clients. What’s the best way?

It seems the page is not active anymore.

Hi, @F_rank

Business Plans are best for a single company building multiple apps for its employees and customers.

Bonjour F_rank, as-tu trouvé ta solution pour les applications que tu veux créer pour tes clients?? Franchement j’étais en plan Pro avec Glide mais c’est ce qui m’a fait arrêter justement le non téléchargement des applications no code. As-tu une solutions ???

Hmmm I don’t think Business Plans are suitable for agencies. I don’t want to use the apps. So the price plan per user… I don’t understand if I will transfer the pro apps to the org of my client.

On august 10th (not so long ago) David wrote:

We also have a new agency plan with unlimited Pro preview apps for clients:

We designed it so you don’t have to juggle Pro licenses.

Non je n’ai pas trouvé, d’où la création de ce thread :slight_smile: