Getting Menu Tabs on the homescreen as Icons

I am currently really stuck. On my app, (menu side) all Tabs have content and I wanted some of the Tabs on the Menu to be displayed on my app’s home screen (similar to how apps are displayed on a phone’s home screen and you can directly click on them and access the content). My home screen is empty and my menu has a lot of items, I have gone through the tutorials but I am not able to fix this. Please assist

You can either:

Add a bunch of buttons with a Go To Tab action for each button.

Or you can create a row for each tab in your Home table, and display it as an inline list, then create a custom action that will call a different Go To Tab action based on a value in the item that you selected in the list.


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Jeff already posted the answer! So I’m sorry for interfering. But if you need a visual example/tutorial video this post by Robert can help you!

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I gave your idea the first shot. Cleared everything on my home page sheet and typed only home in the first row and the adding components started to work! I was able to add all tabs and link them through the Go to Tabs section. Thank you very much for your help

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Thank You for this idea. I now know two ways of getting here. Thank you!

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The suggestions posted actually work. I was able to do it.

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