Get values via a Relation (list) linked to another Relation (list)

Can this be achieved:

I have Fitness Programs and Workouts, I also have Completed Workouts which has a Relation to both Fitness Programs and Workouts all via unique IDs

In the User Profile screen which is a placeholder listing all unique app login emails filtered by signed-in user, I wish to display all Workouts details completed by going through the Completed Workouts sheet which has a relation to Workouts?

When I add a component I can’t see the relation to display the details of the item.

This is to avoid doing separate value Lookup to pull all the Workout details across.

Tell me if I’m wrong here. If you are in the user profile screen, you have an inline list of completed workouts for that signed in user. You click on the completed workout, which takes you to the completed without details…but doesn’t contain any detailed info on the workout, so you would have to either click on another relation to get the workout details, or use several lookup columns. Does that sound like your current problem?

If so, I would approach it like this. Use the relation (email in profile sheet to email in completed workouts sheet) you already have and make sure it’s a multiple relation. Create lookup column to use the relation to get an array list of completed workouts for that user. Then create another relation column which uses the lookup column to link the array of completed workouts to the workouts sheet. This is the relation you will display as a list in the profile tab. It will only contain the users completed workouts and will take then directly to the workout details.

thanks Jeff - this works but I lose the ‘Completed Date’ info as this is a ‘Date’ in the Completed Workouts tab

Kind of an out of the box solution, but you could set up a relation to link the workout details to the completed workouts sheet. Add an inline list on the workouts detail page and filter by signed in user. You can set the action to none and just display the date. As a bonus, you could set up a template column in the completed workouts sheet to combine the date and some text. Something like Date Completed: 02/10/2020. You might have to do some formatting in the sheet to get the date to look right.

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yeah that could work Jeff, thanks for your suggestion.

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