Get shoturl from zapier on glideapps

how to get shoturl from zapier on glideapps,

currently it is possible to configure the url of each page in glideapps

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Is this what you are searching?

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Yes I know that part, but how do I capture that new url from glide, automatically because I have several links.

why does it seem that zapier does not return the new value to glide

It depends on how you’re getting that link.

If you place a button in a details view screen, with rowID already added for the row you’re looking at, then you should be able to:

  • Send that screen’s rowID and deep link to Zapier
  • Shorten the URL
  • Finding the row with the same rowID in your Sheet
  • Write the shortened URL to the same row

I’m not sure, or I’m not trying, would you have an example please?

You can just try what I wrote above, in a real app (when you try in the builder then it will just return the builder’s link so you can’t really validate it). If you have issues then report back here, we’ll try to help.

Thanks for the help.
If I can send and create the link in zapier it works fine, but I can’t return that shorturl to glide, I’m using glidetables, I want to save that new url to share the link but I can’t

If you’re using Glide Tables then it’s a no… Do you have a base Spreadsheet connected to it or is it just pure Glide Tables?

just glidetables, I can’t create a sheets anymore

Yeah then it’s a no go unless you find a way to do it with the experimental code column.

In the future, please always create new apps with Spreadsheet as a base in case you run into problems like this.

Ok thanks