Get financial data from receipts in each user’s gmail and import it into google sheet

Hi guys I am trying to create a public personal finance app that uses the emails sent by the user’s bank to populate transaction lists.

Here are the basics steps I am trying to do

  1. software parses through user’s email to get transactional data and populates google sheets

2 user sees transactions on personal finance/budget app and categorized them accordingly.

  1. This should work for any user that signs up

Can anyone give some input on how’s to implement this?

It would need some sort of Zapier action. Email with #receipt would feed Google sheet. Attachment in sheet becomes a linked image. Body of email contains transaction details. App filters users by email so users only see their own transactions. It’s doable!

Each user would have to manually authorize something like Zapier (probably creating there own Zapier account and setting up a zao to push emails to your sheet, which you have mentioned granted access to each user to edit your sheet. I don’t think you’ll get a lot of users to give up their email privacy to push data to a sheet they don’t own. The alternative would be to have each user forward each email to your email account and you set up the zap. Feels like a security and privacy risk to me.