Geolocation Zoom

I love the new location feature but just a few small requests:

Is there any way for the location button to not zoom in so close? Like within a few mile radius rather than to the specific building I’m in? I feel like people are more likely to And why do I have to click twice to zoom in on the first load, one to get my location on the map, then another to actually zoom in?


Yep! I noticed this too — we definitely zoom in too close on first tap.

I think we should center your location on first tap, zoom on second.

Do you know when you might change it? I’m pretty tempted to upgrade to pro just for this feature

Does it do anything else than showing the user’s location? It doesn’t seem to allow to get directions to another point on the map for instance.

I second this request. Being able to set the default zoom to a map when the app starts would be very helpful. Right now, a user has to tap several times to access it. Here is the example app. Thanks.

I noticed this too. I am trying to show countries, cities and points of interest in google maps and it shows such a close view of all of them.

maybe a parameter where we could set the distance for the map to display?
this would give us the ability to play with it to get the best zoom for said map type
i.e. countries, towns or specific places etc.

Map zoom settings appear to care for this request, archiving