Additional Map zoom settings

I have an app that is used for communicating emergency procedures and one of them is the location to go when the building is evacuated (fire alarm, etc.). The position is pretty specific (an intersection in a residential neighbourhood), so the map, even in “Near” position, isn’t super clear from a user perspective. If the zoom level could be set manually when the map is added (basically zoom in or out to position and then save that position for display in the app), then I think it would be more effective.

My workaround is to screenshot the location on Google Maps at my desired zoom level, and add it as an image in Glide. Unfortunately, I can’t give an image the action to open a link, otherwise I would just give it the URL to Google Maps so that it behaves the same way as the Map component.

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Yes, it is strange that “Link to” is not one of the available Actions for an image component.
Maybe there is a good reason but I can’t see one.

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@Les_Henderson agree. Should be an option to have link action on image

I would also like a very near possibility- or ability to select zoom level like in google maps e.g. 55.7777,12.8767,18z