Geolocalization from a picture took via your phone

I’m just wondering if there is a way to get the geolocalization from a picture you took with your mobile phone?

Use case: Let’s say as a citizen you want to report to your municipality something happened (good or bad) by sharing a photo on the app which could add a pin point to a map…


Very interesting. In our country (Vietnam) this was the topic for a machine learning competition 2 years ago. Competitors were asked to provide a good guess of the location based on pictures uploaded to a system (user-generated content). The company that organizes the competition (Zalo) holds the biggest Vietnamese social network. I don’t know if they have integrated the best solutions into their system or not.

About your question, I think it’s too complicated for a web app and might need a lot of coding with good datasets to generate it right.

You went the complex route @ThinhDinh I think @PlanetZero wants to access the GEO location data in the picture taken (in the meta info).
But I don’t think it’s offered in Glide,…


Oh I didn’t know it’s provided in the metadata as well, no experience with that! Probably that company I mentioned want to have a machine learning solution alongside what they get with the metadata, I suppose. Interesting nevertheless, thanks for sharing.

@Naos_Wilbrink yes correct! :wink:

@PlanetZero You can use Cloudinary to extract metadata from the image. But you need to do it through their API - I cannot help you there - but maybe some of the programmers of the forum can cook a nice Google script which accesses the API (I would like that a lot :slight_smile: )
Look for: image_metadata

@Krivo tks for the advice! As long i’m not a programmer, i can’t do it by my own. But let’s see if somebody is interested in it.

That’s awesome!!! Just hope that meta data is still in the pic after upload to Glide.

@naos isn’t that easy to check. Just download an image which has been uploaded to glide and check for exif