Extract and overlay GPS Data from Image

Hello, Is there a way to overlay gps data from image on to the image and add text. We are using 2 different apps to do it now, such as timestamp. I would like to see if there is a way to get that data from image then with glide and overlay on to the image.

Glide doesn’t have any native support for image overlays (yet).

However, you might be able to do it by first using JavaScript to fetch the image and extract the Exif metadata, and then apply the overlay using Cloudinary.

Not a straight forward solution, but should be possible.

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Is there a known reliable way to do this as of now?

I’ve done it with Apps Script, but I’ve never actually tried it with a JavaScript column. You would need to fetch the image and examine the binary data. May or may not be possible :man_shrugging:

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Apps script is interesting, would you be able to share steps or script? or maybe I can hire you for this task?