Get exif data from image and watermark exif data

Hi guys!

I found a very interesting post in tutorials by @PabloMFalero

I would like to apply this to an uploaded photo and then watermark it with the date the photo was taken.

i found an other topic that mentioned it was possible to add water marks.

@Robert_Petitto mentioned it was possible, but i just cant figure it out.

Could someone explain to me how i could set this up?



You can read this tutorial from Cloudinary. Basically it’s an overlay on your image and can be constructed using a template column.


Thank you, This explains how to watermark my image perfectly.

However im still struggeling, i have no clue how to construct an url to fetch my image from my sheet and send to to cloudianry.

I would like to automate the process,

Upload img> send it to cloudinary > watermark image exifdata > return it to watermarked column.


I made a template column with the following:<User’s cloud ID>/image/fetch/[IMG]

Replacements [IMG] → “Uploaded foto column”

This creates the fetch url and it seems to work, now im just stuck on how to get the exif data to water amrk on the image

You don’t necessarily have to upload it to Cloudinary. Do you have a fixed watermark to apply on every image?

I figured out how to make the watermarking work for the most part now:<User’s cloud ID>/image/fetch/g_south_east,l_text:Arial_100:[TXT],x_30,y_30/[IMG]

[IMG] > uploaded IMG
[TXT] > Exif data

This is giving me the results i want.

Now i need a way to extract exif data from the fetched image and put it into the column [TXT] is referring too.

that way it will display the date and time the image is taken.

thanks for the quick response

Yes, that seems like the right Cloudinary structure.

What exact info do you want from the EXIF? I think you can pass it through an external service and retrieve that to your Google Sheets.

Date and time the photo was taken.

It most likely requires some code, but that’s where i’m lost.

I’m still very new to Glide and i’m not fully understanding what type of fields / code i should be using.

My understanding was that the Cloudinary’s Admin API could do this for me.
But i do not understand what type columns i should be using for this…

Thanks for the fast response once again!

I had a quick look, seems like you can upload the image to Cloudinary and get the info you want.

So the steps in an automation service like Integromat would be:

  • Add a webhook as an initiator node.
  • Copy that webhook URL to a webhook action inside Glide. Let’s name that “image URL”.
  • Initiate a webhook post request from Glide using the action above, in Integromat, click “re-determine data structure” to catch the webhook and construct the data structure.
  • Add a second node in Integromat, using Cloudinary to upload the URL you have retrieved through the webhook.
  • Add a third note in Integromat, this time using a Google Sheets search row node, search for the row that contains the original image URL you passed through the webhook.
  • Add a final node in Integromat, update the row found with the date & time EXIF from Cloudinary.

Okay, i think i understand what im supposed to do.

im gonna give it a shot!

Thanks again for the help!

For watermarking, I find using quickchart much more user friendly:

Use a construct URL column to craft the watermarked image.


Thanks for the information!

I’ve been looking at quickchart as well.

However it seems the watermark has to be an image, i want it to be text that i pulled from a column.
Also the orginal post that gave me the idea mentioned the Admin API by Cloudinary, so i figured i might as well use the same platform for everything.

I’ll be using quickchart for normal watermarking with images.

Thanks again!

Got it working!

Thanks alot for your help.

Buddy of mine mentioned there is a camera app that could have done this…

But i dont think there is a way to add more app options to the file picker then camera, camera(video), file manager is there?

if there is i would love to know more.

Thanks alot so fa r for all the help!

By camera app, do you mean the ability to add another file type?

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