Add watermark to existing glide images

I have a few thousand images currently in my app, and at the request of my collaborators I’m wondering how I might hardcode a watermark into each image - or some other solution which makes it impossible to download or screenshot an un-watermarked image. I am experienced with Glide (fyi). Thank you ahead of time.

Have a read through the below thread. I’m pretty sure @Gary_Willmott got that working.

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Use Cloudinary! Here’s a complete step-by-step video tutorial:


The basic first step of creating the url with image/fetch, does not work for me. I am using google sheets. Does it only work with a Glide table?

Thank you. I’m working on it using cloudinary though I’m not having any luck thus far. I have also replied with the current issue in this thread. I’m wanting to simply add a text overlay. I can’t get my images to show (google spreadsheet url).

Works anywhere. Get rid of that final / after the URL.

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Please note that while this approach will scale well, if a user with bad intention can deduce the original URL from the Cloudinary link then there’s nothing you can do.

@Cameraville have you come right yet?

I will give a breakdown on how I did it on Surf Diaries soon

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Ya…I guess the watermark isn’t hardcoded into the image.

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Thank you for the tips! Works perfectly for single images. At the time you answered the question, multiple images did not yet exist. How would you now apply it to a single field with many images?

I would use Javascript to apply the URL template to all images. Split them into an array, apply the template, and then join them again. Use a split text column on the result so you can use it in an image component as a carousel.

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Actually I don’t know how to use Javascript…
Would it be too much to ask you to write the code for me, so that I can put in the field?

What type of transformation do you need for your images?