How to extract EXIF metadata from photos (e.g. GPS coordinates)

I am playing round with an app idea that would collect user photos… and extract the exact GPS location from photos that they upload into an app. Imagine taking photos of potholes in roads, or store fronts.

Glide has no way of collecting location data in forms (unless something has changed), so a workaround would be to collect the image, and then do some magic in Google Sheets to extract the metadata.

The phones automatically store this type of metadata for each photo (yes, a bit scary). But I cannot see an ‘easy’ way of getting it out… especially if the photo in Glide gets uploaded to firebase.

Any ideas or observations? Thanks! M

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@Mark_Turrell gdpr considerations?

Yeah…this is the only metadata provided in uploaded images via Glide…I don’t see gps.

Thanks - it looks like metadata is stripped out on upload quite often, even on cloudinary (you can add in an extra processing step). So looks like I have to wait for a GPS solution in the native app :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Agree that this would be a very helpful eventual feature.

Agree. Being able to share a location would open a lot of possibilities. I am not talking about getting permanent access the the user location (that could be OK if done under GDPR consent, of course), even the simplest approach would be very useful.

Also agree that this would be very useful