Generating Inputs For the User With Button

Hi Everyone,

So I am a recent glide beginner and I am wondering if it is somehow possible to make a button generate fields for the User to partake in.
The best example I can give is this: User selects a product from our product menu, (this is what I want to happen): they are put on a blank page with a text input field etc: one field is the title/ description of the location of the product in their home, the second field is an image upload of the location of the product in their home, the third field are the product dimensions.

What I want to do is so that when a button is pressed to “add product”, another set of input fields is generated so they can continuously add products to be replaced.

Thank you for your help!

Sounds like what you want is to set the action on a list item to Open Form. This will give you a form screen with the ability to pass into and through some of the details from that product. Then you just add any additional fields for information you want to collect and set it to the sheet that you want to write the information to.