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Hi. As many in this forum, I’m also new working with Glide pages. I’m creating a site where people can request some specific services, which depending on the service this has an specific form inquiring information. One of this information is a series of codes that the user has to input so then this can go into a row as an array of codes.

  • Is there a way that a button can insert an input field every time it is click?
  • Is there a configuration to use the same row for multiple input that can remain separate?

I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

How are you letting them input this? Is there a reason you don’t want it to be a comma-delimited list of codes, which can then be turned into an array using the Split Text column?

Can you go more into how you expect this to work?

These inputs are intended to be a collection of different codes that must be carefully inserted as these will determine the type of service provided and work to be done. For this the margin of error has to be null from the client side.

This button should insert an input field every time it’s clicked, this is a long list of codes that the client should pick according to theirs need. Therefor I can’t pre-insert all this fields as the need will vary from case to case.

So those are pre-determined codes right? What about a choice component that allows multiple codes to be selected?

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This could be a good solution. I appreciate the feedbacks!

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